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Sun 29 Nov 2020 23:11
19:49N 38:10W at 2300 UTC sog=8kts cog=246 MartiniqueWpt=1338nm 2mfollowing sea, full moon.

Jess's Blog post:

Good afternoon, Can I help you?
I'd like a T-please
What size would you like?
Do you like this one?
No. I don't like the colour. Have
you got a red one
Yes, of course
How much is it please
I'll take it. Thank you.D
- Poetry courtesy of the fabric covering Matt's new chair, worthy of recording before it's lost to any new upholstery (otherwise a fantastic chair).

Whoooaaa we're halfway there!! The ocean is nice and flat now - just as Aixa had believed it all to be before setting off. The motion is more of a gentle lull than the jarring surfing of the last few days. Everyone is always slightly sleepy but we have all adjusted nicely to the new napping lifestyle.

It's quite difficult to remember what life was like on land and even harder to recall the concept of 'too cold'. Christmas also feels like a foreign concept despite the fact that we would be opening the first windows of our advent calendars in two days time. I'm well over the seasickness but the thought of chocolate still makes my stomach turn slightly. The large stocks in the fridge have been largely untouched - good for if we need a grab bag.

To celebrate halfway, and in the absence of sunshine to snooze in, we watched pirates of the Caribbean. It was extra special with the added 4D motion effects in the sailing scenes and we made a small dent in our popcorn rations. Despite a week's warning, we all failed to download the soundtrack to blast on arrival but for now it is firmly lodged in our heads.

Ahab the parasail is proving to be fantastic, we've barely touched it the whole way and despite the wind's variation it's carried us though reliably. The friendly skull also proves a good companion on a night's watch although nearer the beginning of the trip an extremely distinctive cloud skull formed for a few minutes looking back down on us out of the night, a bit too 'dark mark'-esque for my liking.
Last night's 1900-2200 watch went extremely smoothly until the final half hour when we got our first squall. It was intimidating watching the rain blow closer on the radar. I blame Matt for suggesting we play a 'you just missed a ferocious storm' prank on Ruth by throwing buckets of water over the deck and dishevelling ourselves before she arrived for her watch. But karma's only a bitch if you are, and the heavens opened for the next five minutes subjecting us to the real thing. On the bright side the deck got a nice rinse and we got the legit reaction from Ruth.

We need to think up some pirate costumes for our halfway party tomorrow but it isn't easy when all I brought was a very small bag of sports shorts and vest tops, we're going to have to get creative. Other suggested activities were a ping pong tournament, a mermaid photo shoot and recreations of scenes from pirates of the Caribbean. Should be a laugh if we can squeeze it into the hours of about 1300-1600 when everyone is the most awake and coherent. Ruth is Mum tomorrow and there's exciting talk of halfway scones and jam which can't go much worse than the banana bread attempt, the bar is pretty low right now.

I don't have much else to say that hasn't probably already been reported by Matt other than I can't quite believe how big this ocean is or how lucky I am to be sat so comfortably in the middle of it with plenty left before us. We have seen dolphins and birds and flying fish which are fabulous and now I'm holding out for a whale. Ruth saw a pilot whale this morning so they're deffo out there.
Blog-writing is fun and filled an odd hour's gap before my 2200-0100 watch, too much effort to climb into bed and not enough time to sleep properly. Fewer squalls on the forecast for tonight and a full moon in the sky. Job's a good'un.
Over and out - Jess.