Morning Day 5

Tue 2 May 2023 12:34

The breeze is 12-15kts from SE this morning, wafting Mojo along at around 8 knots. I’m heading almost exactly NE with gentle 1-2 metre sea.  

Starting point in St Martin (at 18degrees north) is just over 600miles behind. So although I might  have seen up to 10knots on the dials, the average over the first four days has been just 6.3knots, and under 6kts VMG (=“velocity made good”) i.e. towards the target initially over 2800nautical miles distant at the start and still  2250nm away yet. 

I’m heading north early in the trip for better winds eastwards. And also cos Lanzarote is at 29 degrees north AND I have to target the final approach from the north west - winds in Canaries are usually from the north. They’re forecasting at least 30knots sometime next week, so no rush. 


I set a “guard zone” on radar at 10miles radius overnight and alarms shriek if anything comes closer- no ships or even a rain cloud overnight have encroached on my slowly-moving  300square miles.  But I’m never very far from land - always less than 4 miles away, straight down.

Pic is to south this morning. Not really worth a thousand words, whatever.