Dear Bill on Sweetie

Fri 3 Dec 2021 11:59
Hiya Bill ... after the last couple of years it's clear that lots/most people are jittery almost all the time, and that (now that almost everyone is a journalist) the requirement is to maximise the fear factor for maximum media/social-media impact. Anyone like me saying oh, it'll probably be fine - is Oh! Just Wrong. Except that actually, if you look closely - terrorism, financial crisis, pandemic, climate stuff - everything's actually fairly fine and likely to continue that way, just like it did for the dinosaurs, until of course some giant meteor arrives without w

Anyway, the current riots in Martinique were triggered by the requirement for health workers to have c-19 vaccine.
The current riots in Sandy Ground SXM fr side were triggered by fr limitation on post-Irma reconstruction being 50m from the shore which is kinida critical at Sandy Ground being so narrow. A few of us watched from Shrimpy's laundry - they throw stuff at police, and it all ends at 5pm. The next "rioting" day they re-ignite the same cars and tyres.

Note : Riots and strikes in French territories (including mainland France) are ALWAYS to be expected because (as one Fr Minster said on BBC radio 4 about 20 years ago) "We have not yet had our Margaret Thatcher in France. So strikes and riots still get results. " In Guadeloupe for example about 10 years ago the UNEMPLOYED went on strike for more money, got sympathy action from dock workers - and won.

For tourism to Frenchy places ... Covidwise there's a free testing place including in that complex with Capitainerie in Le Marin, and (weirdly) it's fine to go to a restaurant or anywhere whilst waiting for the results. If flying to Martinique I would get a PCR test of course, stamp, check, blah.

Boat-wise ... I imagine like many boats these days, Mojo has many dozens of tins of food on board, loads of tissue and loo roll so I can always sail a transat anytime - even now.

Hope this helps.

Bill. anyone - send me an empty email back? So I only have to download your text not mine as well on slow satellite? You can use "reply" just delete my text before "send"