Tue 15 Dec 2020 13:28


Tuesday 15th and better keep an eye on the calendar as yet more crew (well, one) is threatening to visit from Yurrup.

Very peaceful weather in Martinique but it’s all action on Mojo - The List is back on.

All boats have a List, nothing to do with leaning over, The List is all the fixes and boat repairs that need doing.

Mojo used to have a giant list, but it’s getting smaller and more finicky since the several Giant Refits in the last few years have pushed things towards “better than new” in lotis of ways.  The rig (ie the mast, and everything that supports the sails going up and down) is definitely better than new, for example.  

But the AIS system is sleepy and weak, so that needs an expert to ridicule, suck teeth, twiddle and possibly fling money at it.  A few extra lights and sockets are needed, and although I could wrestle with them, a Proper Electrician will do it faster and these days likely needs the work, too.

Sheesh it’s quiet here in Martinique.  Places that would normally be bouncing with boaty cruisers and holidaymakers have just a few, so others COULD come but follow the idea that staying at home probably better.  

I seem to be a lone constant voice in this regard- that lockdowns aren’t the right approach.  The disease isn’t human race-threatening as the average age of victims is 80 years old.  So...  anyone who dies now (or actually, from day 2) has spent the last few months, weeks, days and hours of their lives separated from friends, family and fun stuff.  Everyone who doesn’t die from Covid  (over 99.9%) ...  didn’t need to be on lockdown or otherwise hiding in a cave, living the life of a mushroom.  Anyway that’s enough about rubbish leadership and politics, ahem. 

Anyway the medium plan is to head north towards St Martin.  The bigger plan is to keep asking and thinking about Pacific OR parking up in Trinidad - closed now for months it used  to be a handy spot to get the boat dragged ashore and then I’d nip off on a plane secure in the knowledge that the boat might (definitely) get shat on by a million birds for a few months, but at least not hurricaned.  

The short term plan is to buy some more plumbing stuff in that outrageously priced French-boat bits shop here in Le Marin, to make the taps and loos all lovely shiny with zero green or rusty bits.  But I’m waiting for the washing machine to finish first. Yes, some boats (Mojo, anyway) have washing machines.  Other boats are racier and no washing machines but there’s no racing these days so Hah.