Bad Day with sat phones

Fri 30 Apr 2021 10:56
28:28N 29:26W
Hum, the satellite phones don't seem to want to pick up email any more and started asking me for a password, even tho it's used the software fine before. So, i'm in the middle of the Atlantic and some programmer has decided I have done something too much so I need to re-enter a password, thanks for that. Bring it round and we'll fix it, yeah right...

Elsewhere a friend is worried that "O2 sez texting the satphone isn't part of the tariff"... although |I didn't think texting like from an ordinary phone to a satellite iridium phone was possible? Either it isn't possible so no charge and no texts... or if it is possible it can't be thousands, can it? If you text me on the sat phone, i'll pay okay? As long as i know you of course, duh.

Anyway, not urgent, the boat is fine but the sat phones are playing up darnit.