Puerto Calero Sunday 21

Sun 21 Jun 2020 16:54
28:54.97N 13:42.3W
Bit windy into the marina and I took the helm to personally smash the boat.  The Mooring Up Game is that skipper gets to try smack the boat while the crew try limit damage.

But it all went well, spun it upwind to land on the reception pontoon.

Almost everything closed ashore and apparently everyone is training to work in an operating theatre. Very strange.

We found a trad Spanish place for lunch and the fab crew bought me lunch. My plan was to buy lunch for THEM, oh well. Must have been a great trip.

My Lanza pals turned up for a chat, Chris and Mandy, all very jolly fun as the restaurant filled up.

Back on the boat we still haven’t checked in but all is fine. Ampi sorted the dock guys and restaurant with Spanish, much better than my arm-waving. The office opens tomorrow. Lots of music and some spilled drinks. 

Here’s the track pic for Harvey