Diversion to Horta, Azores

Fri 5 May 2023 13:46
29:51N 46:16W at 1300utc light wind under 9kts behind beam, cog 53 motorsailing at 7kts ish.  Horta wpt is 1015nm ahead. 

The weather is forecast to be somewhat against an easy ride direct to Lanzarote over the next week, so I’m aiming stop off in Horta, Azores in 4-5 days or so and wait a bit for better weather. 

Mojo is approaching the kinda “Point Nemo“ - around a thousand miles from land in any direction. 1700 direct to Lanzarote but this triangular diversion means 1000 to Horta, about the same again from there to Lanza.

I’ve done some odd stuff on Transat trips in the past. Earlier today I used Starlink to watch the on-line funeral of a great friend who passed far to early dammit. Sad but happy memories.



Pic is Mojo the last time it was in Calero, Lanzarote in 2021. Or 2020.