Droning south

Wed 2 Dec 2020 08:52
17:19N 44:03W
course 230, sog 7-8 knots, seas under 1m, Martinique waypoint 987nm.
All fine. We're heading south and due around 16N at midnight to minimise our exposure to thunderstorms likely tomorrow Thursday, but the light winds have dwindled to around 5 knots so it's motorsailing time, and seems likely to stay that way for the rest of the trip. After a imminent drenching in the next 48 hours or so, the intrepid crew is in for a gruelling final long weekend of sunbathing, snoozing and Whose is this playlist? It's mot mine. Or is it?
The dolphins visted us yesterday. As any transatlantic sailor knows, all safety rules and procedures are temporarily suspended and/or ignored anyway if dolphins arrive at the side of the boat. So it's somehow perfectly fine to run anywhere to get cameras, lean over the bows and not bother with lifejackets or anything because there's DOLPHINS! Even Jess suddenly recovered from her lingering mal de mer, and leapt from her cabin to see the dolphins.
Chipi cooked in the evening to save Jess from feeling queasy again. We were all blown away with dessert, dusted on top with cinnamon in Disney skull+crossbones motif, just like Ahab, using a template she got Ruth to draw up and snip out of paper. Looks like Chipi is going for a Michelin star.