Mojo rides again - 16th transat upcoming

Thu 30 Sep 2021 15:01

Hanging out in Calero, Lanzarote again with transat planned in late Nov,  which will be my 16th crossing I think...

Recap - MOJO  is  60ft sailing catamaran, manufacturer = Fontaine Pajot,  model = Eleuthera, 2004 build Hull#3 (or 4?) which I bought from first owner in late 2017.

Feels like I've replaced/renewed almost everything now, mast off repaint and new standing rig in 2020, new rudders and bimini 2020, new nav in 2018-20, lithium+2kw solar, binned the old generator but big alternators on twin Yanmar 4JH3-HTE turbodiesel motors each with just under 2000 hours recorded runtime.  Eco-tec watermaker, replaced all 4 bilge pumps, internal refurb, refurbed sails and new running rigging, 190sqm Parasailor for downwind.

Proactively  (ie to stop sh!t happening)

A  Big stable boat, renewed rig and rudders, extra fuel tanks

B  AIS and radar linked to super-loud interior alarm. 

C  Helm at deck level (no flybridge), galley up, up/down dining table converts to large saloon berth almost “within” helm area

D  AIS  vessel name changed from MOJO to “MOJO SOLO SAILOR” and this definitely gives more attention/room from other vessels

E  2 x satphones with data options for forecasts and 500+ minutes on each

G  Secondary GPS/nav with computer and handheld GPS

Reactively  (if it does happen...)

1  Up to date with renewal/maintenance and good built-in redundancy with two hulls/motors  

2  Renewed+uprated bilge pumps with always-on option, plus engine-powered bilge pumps as below

3  Firefighting-  overspec 5kg CO2 canister

4  Flares, tools, spares, medical kit

And if that all doesn’t work...

5  New 2020 Vito lifejackets and solid LJ’s, plus other older LJs which are good to plug holes…

6 Viking liferaft (and spare date-out Viking liferaft), spare 3/4 full (floatable) roped-together fresh water bottles

7  Comms : 2 x Satphones pre-programmed with MRCC number...

New this time :

a) Primary seawater inlet bypasses to both engines i.e. a motor-powered bilge pump option on each motor;  open the bypass (eg to empty engine bilge) and close seawater inlet valve. 

b) extension to above: pre-primed 20metre pipe attaches to either motor makes extended roving bilge pump

c) spare 50m anchor chain (and primary anchor x 2)

d) spares for 4x engine services as availability might be limited these days

e) renewed stainless rod ends for rudder arms