Still in the anchorage

Sat 21 Nov 2020 10:58

Last full day in LP, and last full day of Wifi too - the 4G wassername thing that Wes in Lanzarote loaned me has gotta go back.   

The crew slept at least nine hours last night - eventually I turned on the motor to charge the batteries and run the watermaker.  So it must be very comfy in the new quad cabin.  Or maybe they get extra sleep due to a combination of new varnish fumes and breathing in each other’s carbon dioxide?   

Jess reports that I featured in one of her dreams last night - we’d already done the transat, and I had dropped her (and Ruth) off at her Uni graduation ceremony (so why Ruth?) BUT I hadn’t signed off her RYA book for her car driving licence (no, not boating), so she spent the entire dream trying to track me down for a signature (and I probably didn’t have my phone, again). 

The Arcies are being quite independent this year - “online” parties must mean “no” parties and the Skipper Briefing will doubtless tell everyone to go to 20N 30W just as Simon said to me already this morning, and as Jimmy Cornell says in his book from thirty years ago, because that’s what was in other books for hundreds of years BC (Before Cornell). 

The already-quite-full anchorage here outside the main marina is becoming even more full as Arcies and others decide to anchor out here for their last night, ready for the Grand Departure Fiasco tomorrow 22nd, and wisely avoiding the crash-risky Massed Marina Exit. I’m wary of going into the marina today merely to fill up with water - I’ll probably (definitely) lose this protected spot and all my “I’ve been here three days!” shooing-away rights over incomers will disappear too.  So, at the moment I’m running the watermaker out here and I’ll change the fabulously cheap (€1.50) primary filters later

Crew discussions this morning reveal that Jess has done lots of sailing in the UK and USA, but never south of the latitude of the North Sea.  Anna’s done a transat and more, but never sailed north of the latitude of Greece.  Ruth and Anna have sailed in various places between these latitudes.  

Gotta go -  and give back the rental car back at midday.