Instant French

Mon 15 May 2023 20:27
36:20N 24:36W
Motorsailing cog 130 sog 7 towards the wind, I think.

A distant friend is learning French. I should learn more Spanish really. Whatever. But now here’s a new way for English speakers to speak French fabulously.

May man-tuh-nong, v’wass-ee oon noo-vell fasson poor lays Ong-glow-phones duh parlay fab-you-lers-mong luh Frong-say.

You have to kinda say the sentence as fast as you would in normal English, but with more drama and over-acting. About half-way to what’s needed for Italian.

Ey Ver-W’Allah! Say bee-yang fass-eel ap-parlay comm urn vray Fronsay.

Eyy…. Say exact-uh-mong comm sah kuh b’oh-koo duh de shong song complett-mong cong-van-queue kuh je parll koorah-mong ler Nor-vay-she-enn. J'ai sam-pluh-mong ey-cree lay sonn on ong-glay. Formy-darb-luh!