Luncheon time

Tue 2 May 2023 16:27

22:24N 55:27W motorsailing in 8 knots of falling wind. 

Ooh Downton Abbey was good wasn’t it? I’m probably  one of the last to see it. I was born in Yorkshire and often visited and even cycled to the North Yorks market towns of Ripon, Richmond, Thirsk and so on which are often mentioned in Downton.  As with the James Herriot series some years ago I expect tourism in the area got a boost, although these days those handsome town centres are giant car parks. 

Obviously, the series wasn’t filmed in Yorkshire very much - the main house used in the series is actually located over 200miles further south. 

 I’m saying “obviously” it wasn’t filmed in Yorkshire, because it almost never rained, nobody discussed the (usually rubbish) weather and all the locals spoke comprehensible English.  

Another inaccuracy is that the upper-class types in the story were far too sympathetic and over-helpful towards the penniless locals. Whereas if you’ve ever visited God’s Own County you’ll know that the locals - regardless of your/their circumstances- will be much more likely to be sympathetic towards you. Not frum Yorkshire? Aw, you poor booger. 

And right on cue I have sneaked up on another boat 

which the AIS says is called “Muck”.  Now that’s just GOT to be from Yorkshire, right? “Where there’s muck there’s brass” an’ all that? Although there’s a Scottish island with the same name. But would anyone use island names as a boat name? 

Either way, parsimonious Scots have a synergy with us notoriously skinflinty Yorkshire types.  Did you know that copper wire was originally invented by a Yorkshireman and a Scot while fighting over a penny?  

 “Muck” is saving fuel, doing 4knots in falling wind.  I called them on VHF but no response first time so maybe saving money on the electric? Or not bought a VHF and just use Channel Shout?  Much cheaper. Yorkshire, shoo-early? 

Sadly not. I called them again on VHF.  They’re German, enroute Azores, and he says the word is German slang for a nice woman. What a washout!  I hope I didn’t sound too disappointed.  He says he gets this a lot.  Hahaha