Las Palmas T minus 6 days

Mon 16 Nov 2020 07:38

28:07N 15:25W 

Mojo at anchor in Las Palmas anchorage with 1.6 knots of wind this morning.  

The boat is pretty much 100% Fixed after staying all summer in Lanzarote in the dedicated care of Wes and his Catlanza team. Every dodgy locker strut and hinge has been replaced, along with all the standing rigging, mast repaint, liftout, new running rigging and lots more.  Wes came over with the boat on Friday and organised a new alternator which didn’t like the drenching it got from a leaky engine hose - the only way to check the hose is to remove the alternator.  So anyway, new hose clips and new alternator has fixed everything.   I’ll get spare alternator and starter motor before leaving.  

The new crew have arrived.  They are dinghy sailing instructor Jess, longtime traveller Ruth, Aixa who has sailed tall ships (“an ELECTRIC winch?”) and Anna who has worked as a travel rep in Gran Canaria and St Lucia.  The newly fitted-out crew cabins have worked fabulously as they all slept 8 hours yesterday and even longer last night.  The watch system has already been much-discussed and Ruth drew up a 

We’ve already been through the boat a fair bit but will go out for a sail/drive around (no wind) this morning to familiarise everyone with the boat actually moving, and to dodge the fee-collecting marineros who seem to arrive at around 0830.  

We’re planning to see the ARC leave - quite a spectacle even though there’s only 75 or so boats this year - and leave for the Caribbean at around the same time this coming Sunday 22nd. The social aspect of the ARC is somewhat curtailed with online seminars and even online parties this year.  Hum.    

No space in the marina - it’s always full at this time of year - they simply haven’t needed to empty the marina for ARC boats as much as they would normally.  But it’s working fine - if we were in the marina we’d likely have long walks from the back wall: from here in the not-too-busy anchorage we can buzz around in the dinghy and the noisy motorway is more distant.  

The crew aren't clamouring for satphone info at all - so this is just for the diary and a few on shore at the moment.  

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