Ruth's Blog

Mon 7 Dec 2020 15:53
14:40N 58:53W
Hello hello, Ruth here.

It was a few days a go but we're all still thinking about it...swimming in the Atlantic with 4km of nothing but H20 beneath us was phenomenal. Utterly mesmerizing, sliiiightly disconcerting (I'll be honest) and REFRESHING.

Perfect day for it too! Slow waves with a silky smooth finish. We didn't stick around long enough for sharks to come and see what the fuss was about. Just enough to take it all in and feel pretty damn lucky to be able to experience this freedom and play in the bright blue light columns going down, down, down... Matt says he often suggests it but not many take him up on the offer, but this is no normal crew!

The idea before we set off that we'd have water, water all around...but probably no swimming for two-three weeks was a weird concept to grasp. The boat is constantly moving so we wouldn't routinely pitch up for the evening...although we've been known to change our course 60 degrees to watch the sunset from the dinner table...

We've had dolphins everyday since we swam, often about 25 playing in the bowsprit, babies and all. It's magic every time. We've wired up a harness so I can be lowered down to hover over the water next time they come. Excited doesn't cover it!

150nm to go and Martinique say it's fine to land tomorrow morning - excellent! We only JUST got through the 12 courgettes though (a crowning achievement) and ate our last fresh salad, surely it can't be time to land? We're savoring every last moment. Just one more sunset? One more spinnaker run please! Anyway, the sails are full again (YES!) so I'm off to soak it up.

- Ruth

P.S. Loving the messages xx