Friday12th June am

Fri 12 Jun 2020 08:59
33:14N 33:34W cog130 sog8kts all fine after a bumpy night with wind to 24kts we took the 2nd reef and a few rolls of headsail but the boat still went to 10kts. Eventually I took in all but the last 2m of headsail and the lunatic boat continued at 9-10 kts and touched 15kts. Ampi asked during her watch - what speed on a sailing boat is "Wow"? It's great fun having newbies along and Oh yes, all this is Perfectly normal, yawn.
Spectacular sailing day yesterday which started gently and got faster throughout the afternoon and into the night. I stayed up through the night all fine. Well, all fine now, but it was a bit too much to leave people alone on watch. We started playing cards in the evening but Play Suspended with the boat finding the off-road section. No rain though. Bright sunshine now and sea dropping.

Thanks for all the messages and emails from lots of people.