Downwind, Sweetie

Sat 27 Nov 2021 08:14
15:10N 37:44W average 7 knots yesterday and overnight but speedier lately at 8knots with wind veered more ENE from NE. Martinique wpt is 1350 distant at 0730 GMT which I suppose makes this halfway.
Ahab the black Parasailor likely on duty 24/7 for the rest of the trip it would seem. Squalls overnight so the cockpit got a nice wash.
This big symmetrical sail is branded ISTEC and listed on the data panel of the bag as being 188sqm ... so I think a 300sqm vented or otherwise is somewhat too-massive really - I know Bill on sistership (same model) "Sweetie" is looking at his options, so maybe we can look at what he's got already and fly it from Mojo for a look-see? On a calmish day we could tie Mojo stern-to-stern to Sweetie, Mojo pointing downwind and try out some spinnakers. Sweetie has the most colossal anchor chain (half inch?) so it'll be fine.
For the calmer Pacific I might get a solid (not-vented) symmetric spinnaker but the material has gotta be better than last time. I wonder what Parasailors use, what's the crackly stuff called? - seems pretty good whereas a previous (pink) spi disintegrated after only the carib and Pacific legs.
I think the downwind options on Cats start with quite-massive "bow rollers" - Mojo has 2 x Harken 100 stand-up pulley blocks right at the tips of the bows, with 5mm thick stainless backing plates on the inside. Each block is positioned so that a line can run from the roller direct to the main winches 10metres back on each side without fouling the forward dolphin seats or coachroof which is *just* possible - I checked before buying the boat and as crew guy Sam noticed - I kinda bought the boat to fly this downwind sail.
However, the most effective downwind (or upwind) sail is metal and says Yanmar on it - the motors have done 216 hours total since LP - that's 9 DAYS and likely half the total trip. But a bit of that was charging batteries, like now. I know it says the Lithium batteries are good all the way down to almost discharged but I lost my nerve at 32%.