Final knockings in Lanzarote

Sun 8 Nov 2020 20:42
Ace boatfixer Wes and his team has previously done boat engineering for glamorous race boats like the Ericsson racers, and many more. But this year not so many boats turned up in Lanzarote, so when I arrived I asked him to sort out Mojo and do whatever he'd do if it was his boat.  Mojo has been ashore for more hull fettling, new coppercoat hard antifoul, had extra fuel tanks fitted, new radar, mast and boom off for repaint and new standing rigging. The watermaker needed re-engineering, and inside the starboard visitor/crew cabins have been refiitted.  I'll stick in some photos when I find a flippin email device that can send photos this way, another thing to Get Done.  

Crew-wise we have Ruth, Jess, Aixa and Anna. Four is the best number for the watch system - a "rotating mother watch" - 3 hours on, 6 hours off and one person each day makes food, tidies up and has a full night's sleep, then the next and so on.  The advantage is that everyone sits every watch and isn't stuck on a watch a tthe same time of day, and haveing a break from the watch system every four days is a nice change too.  The downside is that er, the food is always made by someone who's done the 1-4am watch so anything can happen foodwise.   

Anna's done a transat before, and although the others haven't sailed that far they've all messed around in boats large or small.  Aixa has been sailing in the Med.  Jess has taught dinghy sailing the past.  Anna has worked in the travel industry, and knows Gran Canaria and St Lucia pretty well too.   

Mojo is awaiting final bits and pieces before sailing the 100ish miles to GC on Friday.  We're all planning to meet up on Sat 14th in Las Palmas or "LP" for us world-sailing types.