Thursday afternoon

Thu 18 Jun 2020 13:30
30:19N 18:23W 8-9kts on cog104, lanza wpt 250nm

Excellent roll-along sail this morning, and it's still going fine on 2 reefs, the boat rolling back into the waves instead being pressed hard downwind.

Nice message from Mindie advises that I could tell wind direction if I tie some ribbons to the shrouds. Ooh that's a nice idea! Mindie is definitely the sort to tie ribbons to things anyway. I will have to break out the Mojo stash of ribbons and choose a colour, perhaps red on the port side and green on the starboard would be best? Hah, only joking. Unfortunately, I am fairly sure (actually 100% certain) that Mojo doesn't actually have ribbons on board, so it would have to be masking tape. I think Mandie knows that I'm unlikely to have ribbons. Mind you if the crew even brought a rolling pin maybe they brought ribbons as well and sigh tsk if they say No, as if jeez, didn't even bring ribbons, sheesh!

Simon has taken a similar flight of fancy and suggested a possible lunch stop at the Salvagem Islands tomorrow. Lunch stop? Simon obviously hasn't been on a long trip with me, by land nor by sea. As far as possible, I don't do stops if we're closing in on the destination. Actually thinking about it, I don't much do stops for any reason other than getting fuel. I sailed round the world in 2012 and actually stopped the boat under thirty times in the whole trip.

On the other side of the Atlantic, René (alt130 for é) on Gypsy Blues suggests another game we could play called "Farkle". Sadly, nobody knows the game, and Mr Google doesn't do offshore, at least not on Mojo. Or maybe Farkle is the shouting game which I have already played dozens of times, usually quite soon after I've broken something? Maybe.

Anyway the film's starting, so better send this and Shush.

Mojo is tramping along at a very reasonable eight knots, and we *might* watch the third Pirates of The Caribbean film this afternoon, maybe. That's surely going to be a lot more offshore and Piratey than lunch stops and ribbons.