Monday morning 2

Mon 26 Apr 2021 03:26

27:58N 42:32W at 0245UTC, 1521nm to the lanzarote waypoint, motorsailing cog80 sog7 in almost zero wind and oily-calm sea, very Versace-trendy yesterday evening with thousands of golden-yellow sun-shaped Sargasso weeds floating on the dark blue water.
I knew it would be somewhat full-on doing a solo transat again, and it is. But I kinda needed/wanted to know if I could go anywhere anyway, regardless of lockdowns, crew availability or anything else. So far so good. Last solo tranasat was downwind in a monohull (like a normal looking sailing boat) and I learned that I don't like crossing oceans in those at all - but they do look nice. That was six years ago and I felt I needed more fully crewed trips first with Mojo.
Now at last I'm sailimg solo in a surely-more-suitable machine for these trips, altho I agree that it does seem a bit bonkers sailing such a big boat alone. But bigger boats are always safer.
Mojo's essential systems are working well - radar guard zones shriek if anything comes close and the AIS signature has so far kept every other boat over 3 miles away. Less importantly, the new smaller cockpit-based freezer takes much lower power than the bigger units below. Halfway point is later today at around 1400miles to go, first half taking 10 days and half the fuel. Sailing is always faster than motoring, and better winds should mean more of that over the next week.