Monday 22nd June at Calero, Lanzarote

Tue 23 Jun 2020 02:19
After Sunday night at bars in the marina, the crew all vowed Never Drinking Again. Ever! 

I rented a car, quite cheap at €120for the week. Nice new 4door Fiat thing. Bombed around Lanza, entirely Shut, except fuel station. 

Back at Calero had exactly the same Nice Lunch as day before, but all crashed out much earlier.

The crew all fly off on Friday.  They bought me lunch on Sunday as thank you for being a nice skipper. I plan to grill them about that- it’s usually old experienced skippers who claim to know What Makes A Good Skipper but really- crew decides I think. As skipper might *Think* you are Fab ... but it’s not your opinion that counts.  Like being at school really - the pupils should rate the teachers!  

So funny for these guys - one month ago they were Oh not much idea about sailing - now they are Transat Heroes! And not the easy downwind option- west to east is the Much Tougher Gig. And they all did pretty well.  I’m a Brit with a natural tendency towards understatement.  For those who don’t much speak proper English that means that they were “Like, Awesome”.