Simon Says Go South

Tue 1 Dec 2020 16:39
18:40N 42:42W cog 222 sog 8+knots at 1610 GMT = 1410 boat time UTC-2hrs, Martinique wpt 1080 nm likely late Monday or early Tuesday.

All fine and all hands on deck at 7am for hauling down Ahab and flinging up the white sails pronto. Simon Says in a Special Email (which means It's Serious) that Santa will be releasing some rain deer in the north of this region with Donner and Blitzen (that's actual thunder and lightning, ooer) due hereabouts on Thursday. Heading more south towards 15N will get us clear of the worst of it, we hope.

Very slick and speedy spinnaker snuffing from the crew. After a lazy gentle overnight at 5-6 knots and card games yesterday evening, we're now tramping south-east at 8knots.

I may have overdone my earlier "Don't send us messages" command - so that few dare send any messages at all darnit. It's nice for crew to get messages from friends and family, just not in What/Twit/Face quantities.

The new fit-out in the stbd hull cabins is working well. The rear is a quad berth with two sets of bunks, forward is a double. The crew all have a berth in the rear cabin, and have decided that whoever just done cooking day and then has a full night of sleep can use the forward cabin to avoid being woken by others overnight. That might change with likely noisier beam reach tonight.

Jess not on top form with the lurchier motion, but made nice quinoa something lunch. Chipi offered to cook this evening while Jess did her watch. I had a hack at making zabaglione, but the electric whisk-looking thing is a blender and it only partially worked. Chipi said the only-slightly-frothy goo had too much alcohol in it. Pah! I had another go at using an electric drill and sawn-off table fork but it was all a bit late. If you're a bit foodie I used egg yokes and substituted Marsala wine with honey rum. If you're a bit engineery I used a Bosch Professional GSR-149Li. Nobody much fancied slightly-failed zabaglione, so I ate it all anyway, and hence not really a failure at all.