Monday 15th June

Mon 15 Jun 2020 08:12
31:22N 26:38W All fine, the Lanzarote waypoint is 680nm away, slow going. 4knots sog cos 120 with soft and slightly useless wind astern. Sun and some big clouds. Lanzarote is another week distant at this speed, hum.
Yesterday Sunday the crew woke after a peaceful downwind sleep courtesy of Ahab the Pirate sail. Inspired by the fairly clumsy/cheesy pirate theme invoked by the giant sail, they decided to watch a film in the morning - "Pirates of the Caribbean" of course.
A squall came through and I was on watch. It rained, the wind changed to North and Mojo followed it south, not the bearing we want. I knew I'd need the crew to pull down the sail, as Ahab and his like are not easy to handle. I hung on for half an hour as the film progressed, wondering if perhaps telling them to Pause that particular film (about pirates) to help me pull down a black pirate sail might be against The Pirate Code?

Ahab went back in his bag, we sailed towards Lanzarote at over 8 knots for few hours but the wind had died by late afternoon and we motorsailed into evening. Then we watched another film, the next in the POTC series, Dead Man's Chest. Not too much to blog when watching films I suppose, watching films is what we do INSTEAD of more interesting things. But meh, grey weather motorsailing, may as watch a film.
Hi to Harvey in SXM with his family on catamaran "Kappa Rico", signs himself TaxiRico as he's the guy who ferried the crew to Mojo exactly three weeks ago today.