Incorrect forecast shock

Tue 16 May 2023 08:17
35:27N 23:07W at 0815 UTC. 

Beautiful sunny morning, although the wind forecast seems to have been downgraded again. I’d set myself up with double-reefed main all ready for the 15+ knots at midnight building to 20-25 later today. I’d even headed further upwind all yesterday ready to turn a bit more downwind in the next few days. But now the wind is forecast to move behind and not as strong.  Dang. 

I’m still pushing upwind to get the boat moving at 7knots in the under-spec 11 knots of wind as in the pic.  Dreams of 240-mile  days at 10-knot average have been temporarily postponed. 

During the daytimes I can use distant waypoints. At night I set waypoints just an hour or two ahead, so the Arrival Alarm! will wake me to check all is ok.