LP transat prep continues

Thu 19 Nov 2020 00:11

Las Palmas. 

Another morning sail on Tuesday, full sails for seven or so miles out, then the Parasailor in light winds back to the anchorage. In the afternoon we rented a car until Saturday and went around the island, stopping at very cute Mogan harbour. We kinda given up on local bars - not  many if any ARC sailors are allowed off their boats, it seems.

Today (Wednesday) we went through a load of safety stuff, wrote more lists of food, and went shopping at the chandlery where I spent another €2k on super-trendy lifejackets and other boaty junk. 

The late-afternoon super-organised shopping trip for non-perishables cost only €300.  I separately bought a load of cheap spare food (ok, coffee and tinned fruit) at under half Carib prices. 

The weather forecast for Sunday  is looking unusual - one option might be to head west (downwind) around the non-typical low pressure system in the early part of the week and then south on white sails from Wednesday, but I might have been watching the Vendee Globe racing too much, not sure? 

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