Tue 24 Oct 2023 11:38

If I’m not on the boat I’m often playing with the Cowborghini. It’s a Lamborghini with cow spots and some new badges, and because the engineering underneath is originally a (German) Audi R8 it all works reliably.  

Some people find the Cowborghini fun and funny, others thinks it’s just ridiculous.  So it’s an interesting way to meet people, sometimes even a psychology experiment, as well as being reliable transport. It can go very fast, but at normal speeds it has fabulous brakes so it’s safer than most cars.  And even at very slow traffic-jam speeds it’s the only car that can respond to anyone who notices- because it has an extra horn which makes a loud mooing noise. So the Cowborghini delivers a little bit of happiness to lots of people wherever it goes. 

I’m a fan of German and Japanese engineering because reliability is derived from a relentless prioritisation of the engineering issues ahead of all others.  By comparison, British-built cars suffered from old design values and disruptive working practices, and even the American “Challenger” space shuttle blew up because they ignored engineering warnings to make a scheduled launch date.  German car builders  might have a blot on their copybook when their otherwise very reliable diesel cars gave false emissions results,  but even there they unarguably fulfilled the directive to pass the tests.  

There’s more at and here’s a few pix.