Dolphin hunting

Mon 7 Dec 2020 10:55
14:44N 58:17W
Still motorsailing/droning west in light winds with just 5knots apparent windfrom astern. I suppose we could put out the spinnaker but we'll get maybe 4knots maximum and the spi will be fragile (near collapsing) so meh, motorsailing it is. Martinique waypoint 147nm away, less than 24 hours.

Yesterday I suggested to Ruth (the lightest person on the boat) that we could dangle her over the bows in harnesses to get up close to the dolphins. I've done this before on a previous transat, and the dolphins were very interested indeed, not at all aggressive, and dozens arrived, all jostling to see the nearly-swimming-along human. We've already practised to get the rope lengths right. Now we just need some dolphins. Hm.

Last full day at sea. Crew very keen to see land but around 30miles is the closest to see anything, and we won't be that near until later tonight.