Thurs 25th

Thu 25 Nov 2021 09:46
15:37N 32:21W at 0855GMT motorsailing 6-7knots on cog270degrees with Cape Verdes 425nm astern. James says useable wind develops over the next few days.
The reefing pulley wheels at boom end have jumped out. I should be able to sort a fix in Martinique, altho I can still sail with full main, or reefed if I kinda decide (say) 2 reefs and tie down that reef pt direct on to the boom to start. So not a showstopper. They'll likely have everything I need at that ludicrously expensive french chandlery in le Marin in Martinique or I might even have all the parts but it's a bit iffy to reassemble at sea.
Another boat "Gamani Alternative" yes vair Frainch, 36ft racer sounds suspiciously like sister vessel to Electric Marmalade or some other Eurotrasher and sounding ze same on VHF hasks me hif i want to race to Martinique? Hein? And I say er nah not really. I suppose now I can't lose cos it wasn't a race... but if I'm there first I can ask if his race went well haha. That was 2 days ago so I may be ahead with motoring but his speed when the wind kicks in will be a bit double digit whooshy.
Lettuce kept dry in tissue, and carrots the opposite in water continue to keep like new after a week so far and all seeems good for another week.
Zipping straight down to the required latitude makes it a warmer trip, and getting a weather forecast over satphone a bit easier and quicker as I only need to download a thin strip of sea area for the forecast haha.

Anyways it's 1650 to Martinique so at 7 knots that's 10 days, or 9 days at 8knots so I'll aim towards anchoring at Ste Anne near Le Marin around Sat/Sun 4/5 December. 0940: Sending this took nearly an hour of waiting for signal etc sheesh