Monday morning

Mon 29 Nov 2021 08:50
14:56N 44:00W at 8:15GMT wpt 985 shows just under 8 knots vmg.

Nice sailing downwind, and likely this way the rest of the trip, another 5 or 6 days. I overtook "Enfant Terrible" 211791830 overnight on similar route - perhaps an ARCie. Yesterday I made Bouef Bourgingnon, which was quite fabulous. Boat motion has calmed again as swell is down and all behind the boat.

Bill on Sweetie (same type of boat as Mojo) emailed to say he's enroute Martinique from USVI to get his Volvo engines fixed, then towards SXM so maybe we meet and perhaps buddy-sail thataway depending on timings. Bill is North American so it'll probably be awesome. Hope to see you there Bill.

Bill's Martinique engine-fixing contact says there is civil unrest and rioting in Martinique but it's all focussed on the capital Fort-de-France, and not to worry ok? Airport and in and around Le Marin and Ste Anne area where all the boaties hang out is all OK.

Martinique is all French of course, and been that way since the Treaty of Paris with UK in erm 1760? Or 1763 (I think) when amongst other stuff, France gave up all its remaining interests in Canada in exchange for Martinique - "An island of flowers in exchange for a few acres of snow" was the somewhat positive spin given the heavy defeat for France at the time. A decade or so later still-grumpy France decisively supported US Independence against UK. History eh? - it's just one bloody thing after another.

It's great getting message and emails of course, and Catmojo is at the Mailasail email server dot com.