Friday Afternoon Job

Fri 12 Jun 2020 18:30
32:42N 32:28W sog7-8kts cog105 heading East as possible, under 1,000nm to Lanzarote.

Fab fajitas for lunch then the Reefing Thing cos we only get 5-6 knots on 2nd reef now the weather has calmed down since last night.

But the reefing lines all needed Sorting Out Properly before we could take the first instead of second reef. Anna was very nifty-fingered (her surgeon training internship begins in August) to sew all the new lines together so we could pull them along from the mast to the boom end. But how to get the new reef lines out the other end and on to the reefing pulleys on the sail itself? Safest would be to do it when it's calmer than 2-3m sea, and prolly best not 400miles from nearest land, of course.

The Mojo option is to Get On With It - brace the boom as tightly as possible so Anna can hop up on top of it, crawl all the way out to the boom end, fish the lines out and thread them on to the pulleys, also at the very end of the boom. Which she did, and it only took her five minutes or so. Sheesh and Yahoo! Hey I just said that's how to do it, not that anyone HAD to do it.

Ampi took lots of pix of Anna rope-fiddling out on the end of the boom four metres above the deck, itself over 2metres above the sea. This is Extreme Offshore Mo'Crewing of the very highest order from Anna, absolute top quality "OMG This Looks Dodgy - Rather You Than Me". Along with just a few others over the years, Anna joins the Moj' Hall Of Offshore Fame with immediate e28fect. Special mention for Sam as Best Supporting Crazy Pirate, too.

In other news the fishing score is 2-nil to the fish - two flying fish have caught and landed on Mojo, but Mojo hasn't caught any fish at all. Oh well.