Tue 19 Oct 2021 15:34

29.9N 13.7W

Final couple of weeks in Calero.  Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping but there’s a Victron charger/inverter due from Holland as they don’t allow dealers to effect a fix.  So perhaps I oughta choose another brand next time, hum.  

Gianna is here from the uk, staying in the hotel so we meet up and do dinner every evening.  Having a good time but she can't wait to get back.  

Today’s minor action is a plumber who is fitting a new grey water connection to replace the one that presumably leaked ever since the boat was built - turns out it hadn’t any glue on it, hence the drips.  Much slicker custom-made replacement is all glued in and curing now.  The grey water (showers + sinks) is all taken to a 4inch PVC pipe which acts as the reservoir and runs fore and aft under the floorboards 15metres or so most of the length of the boat, one in each hull. Port side was leaking, not now.   Yeah fair enough, rather dull I suppose. I should be able to clean the bilges and reasonably expect them to stay dry as they should be.  “Bilges” are the area right at the bottom of the inside of a boat, under the floorboards.  You knew that, probably.  

I slung up an earlier post listing all the refit work and gear on a boatie forum to invite comments.  Someone suggested a spare autopilot.  I looked it up, €2,700, heck. But it was no fun with busted autopilot on one transat.  

Someone else on the same forum suggested a vacuum gauge on the fuel filters, to check it’s sucking fuel properly.  And to show if there’s a problem developing, see?  Although I can’t say I would be rushing to look at fuel vacuum gauge if the motor running fine?  I change the fuel filters every ocean crossing, twice a year, only cost a tenner or less.  Maybe no need?  Or not enough?  Oh alright I’ll have a look at vacuum gauges.   Not really urgent or vital, especially with having two motors when I only really need one, if that. 

I’ll buzz off to Las Palmas next, about 90miles, best done overnight and arrive in daylight.  That will likely be early November so the ARC will be in full and slightly-anxious swing.  Last year they all self-isolated on their boats in LP for two weeks, then 2-3 weeks of  isolated transat sailing, and then St Lucia told them to self-isolate.  They got a nice ARC flag though.  



Victron charger inverter

Bosch charger 

3-way valve for fuel pump