Work in Progress

Sat 24 Oct 2020 12:20

Work progresses on Mojo in Lanzarote.   

Meanwhile in the bar, there’s many with dreams of transatlantic sailing, one couple by chance at the table next to me heard I had a catamaran, and they volunteer that they are Going To Get A Boat One Day.  He fancies a Lagoon BUT “She’d prefer a monohull” says the guy. “She” nods and joins in. Some years ago She saw her absolute Dream Boat -  right here in this marina!  So what was that then?  It was a Jeanneau 57, with a gold hull. And it looked fab!   Oh really?  So I asked …. was that in 2015 - almost exactly five years ago?  Erm, yes, 5 years ago, they agree.   And… it was called “Snap Decision” wasn’t it?    Er,. yes and She still has it as her screensaver.  To her horror and his glee, I explained that Snap Decision was mine.  I sold it a year later, the gold hull is known as “chanmpagne” colour, and…. it was godawful on a downwind transat, lurching along with incessant rolling over each and every dang wave.  Catamaran - much MUCH better downwind and at anchor, and that's most what you'll be doing on a transat from east to west.  And a transpac from Panama too.  Sorry.   

Are you planning a transat in a very wonderful-looking monohull?   Urgh. Like many others, my monohull transatlantic trip was first in a series of Just The Once.    

Back to  Mojo - nice progress with the extra fuel tanks, giving 1200litre capacity plus jerrycans.    But other stuff is WAY behind schedule.   It’s always like this.