Ahab Rides Out

Sat 13 Jun 2020 22:00
32:01N 29:49W at 2200utc sog3-7kts cog106 direct at Lanza wpt in very light winds under 10knots from NE-E.

Ahab the Pirate Sail flies again. I bought this ludicrously expensive ($13k I think) yet very fabulous 200sqm sail in 2012. It's hardly been used until now, and at last Mojo will fly it through the night with no other sails raised.

Ahab is a Parasail or Parasailor, big symmetrical spinnaker with a vent and foil to hold up the sail even in low winds. I use it when winds are 120+degrees and we've just had a wonderful fret-free evening at speeds to 7 knots sailing with wind and waves almost exactly astern.

This is the second "pirate" themed Parasailor I commissioned from ISTEC - the first smaller one went with the boat (Mojomo) but I kept this one back for when I bought a suitable boat again - and here it is.

If you google Parasailor I think the ISTEC site may have pix of the black "pirate" custom versions - all mine, as far as I know.

Ahab is solid black, over 20m tall and 10m width with a giant white "skull and crossbones" motif - actually a less-scary Disney "smiling" skull and crossed curvy swords. Obviously, everyone will know it's another Matt gag, a bit of a laugh. Won't they? I think so.

Crew all strongly approve of the sail, of course.

Hoisted on the upper spinnaker halyard, the main guyropes run from each clew through big standup Harken blocks on the forward tips of the deck and direct to the winches. Two stabilising lines to prevent sideways yawing of the sail run also from each clew to pulley blocks I rigged on the a-frame and back to just tie off on side cleats.

Yeah not much wind bit that's probably best for Ahab's first transat. The long taut lines sometimes tap on the deck, sounds like someone at the door. Hello?