Run out of cheese

Thu 11 May 2023 09:30
38:00N 29:49W at 0900 UTC.

All fine. Motoring against 10knots of wind and more waves that yesterday. Plenty of fuel left so I’m running both motors this morning to get into the lee of the islands and roar away from that other boat who’s been kinda glued to me (from 3miles away) all night.

Under 70miles to the waypoint at Horta means 9hours or so. The Azores uses UTC so sunset is nice and late - almost 9pm- with the islands being so far west.

Keeping engine hatches open definitely gives better fuel consumption, I think. Under four litres per hour for these 2-litre turbocharged diesels is as good or better than Yanmar data.

I think Horta is busy - many will be hanging back from the forecast 40knots to the east of here next week. How do I know it’s busy? I logged into MarineTraffic.

So I’ll probably have to anchor in the harbour, but that’s fine and better than rafting- tying up to the outside of another boat and everyone clambers over the inner boats. The very best way to avoid any others rafting on to your boat and clambering over etc … is to unbolt and remove all the outside cleats. Then there’s nothing for another boat to tie on to. Oh gosh sorry - I had to take them in for erm servicing, see? I’ve only done it once though. Haha.

Food shopping is the main task ashore. Yes, I ran out of cheese…