Day 11 - glass-like seas, Bermuda to Azores

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Thu 5 Jun 2008 13:06
Position "37:57.213N 037:35.511W"

Noon, 5th June 2008

We can't believe the glass-like state of the ocean. There is no wind at all, the sun blasts it rays with an almost audible brilliance, and its very hot. We close the blinds and lower the sun shades on Talulah.

We came upon a huge floating plastic orange ball yesterday, anchored it seemed, to the ocean bed by what must have been a line of over 4 kilometers long! Was it a fishing bouy? a mid Atlantic lobster pot or what?....And why out here, several hundred miles from anywhere?

In the first part of the afternoon yesterday, we had a clear azure sky, a still ocean and a barren, baking 'nothingness' that seemed to go on forever. Later in the day we had mares tails of light cloud that suggested something different in terms of weather, was on the way. The sunset was a spectacular shock of golds, pinks and angry reds, and then later, after the night softened around us, stars came out and were reflected on the glassy surface of the sea, shimmering and darting about as the boat moved on the swell.

Just after the sun went down last night, I could have sworn I saw the slimmest yellow sliver of an old moon before it was covered by evening clouds. This morning, just after dawn, the sun came up over the horizon like a huge fierce orange ball, threatening another hot and windless day.

Just over 400 miles to Horta now, and another slow 24 hours of just 128 miles as we 'eke' out the fuel, alternating between our engines running for 10 or 12 hours at a time.

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