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Paul & Anette Morris
Mon 20 Nov 2006 18:14
Monday 20th November 2006
A cloudy start to the day, but it was 27 degrees Celsius.   Anette and I changed the block on the main halyard, went into town (again!) and bought a whole pile of meat and frozen stuff from El Corte Ingles, bought some fairy lights, a tiny Christmas tree - and a frozen turkey! - which is now lurking at the bottom of the freezer.   We even went for some more diesel fuel this morning, and now carry about 425 litres of the stuff.   Enough we hope to get us to the other side.
El Corte Ingles will deliver all the stuff we bought on thursday, after having first deep frozen the stuff we needed deep freezing, and packing the rest into neat boxes for us.   Shame really because the first thing we do is to take everything out of the boxes and pack it away!.
Anette has also joined the 'Basil' competition.   This is pretty serious stuff where some ladies from the fleet grow basil plants on the way across to St Lucia.  We're still not sure how the winner is identified - is it merely down to survival? or is it size - does it matter??!!    Plus Anette has been pre-cooking some shepherds pies and goulash for those (hopefully very few) bouts of nasty weather we may encounter.
We're off for happy hour now, and after that a crew dinner at the restaurant at Club Varadero - should be good!