Talulah's Log - Squalls and flat calms, well, nearly..

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Thu 14 Dec 2006 19:52
position "14:24.033N 52:52.670W"
Thursday 14th December 2006
Changing sails at 3 a.m. seems to have become the norm now.   We had 4 squalls come through this morning between 3 and 11 a.m., and needless to say we had to reef or change sails every time!!   With just the two of us on board, this was hard work, especially as we'd had little or no sleep, and by lunchtime we were feeling pretty tired, which was just as well because the afternoon saw almost no wind at all, a hazy sunshine and a very humid and sticky few hours.   Just after 4 p.m. however, the wind did pick up a little to 20 knots and pushed us a little closer to St Lucia.   We had our spinnaker up by then, but typically the wind shifted and died again - it is SO frustrating, and we find ourselves longing for the Force 6's and 7's of the first week.
Not all was bad news though - the rain coming down in one of the squalls was great enough to take a bar of soap outside and take a shower - which I did - but I had to be quick in case it stopped before I rinsed off...!        And, at last!.......the generator is positively fixed.......!!! ......But, what will I do now for entertainment?   I've read all the equipment manuals, I guess the novels are next..
More rain forecast for this evening, but hopefully the North East Trade winds will be back with us tomorrow