Talulah's Log - Bequia and Canouan

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Paul & Anette Morris
Thu 28 Dec 2006 14:45
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Thursday 28th December 2006
Had a great Christmas day, when we listened to Christmas music, had a champagne breakfast, cooked and ate turkey, didn't listen to the Queen's speech (actually we would have but we forgot the time difference!), drank and ate a little too much, and generally flopped around and enjoyed ourselves.    We went swimming in the clear waters and snorkelling amongst the rocks watching the many coloured fish - and then on to listen to a steel drum band playing carols at the Frangipani hotel in the evening.
Boxing day came with more swimming before breakfast, and then a short trip by dinghy into Port Elizabeth to look around, do some shopping, have a beer and lunch, and generally chill out.   We came back late in the afternoon, got some stuff together for a beach barbeque, and set off about an hour before it got dark.    After the barbeque we sat on the beach until late, just watching the night and the sounds from the jungle behind us, when a couple of young Swiss people came and said hello and could they share our fire.   So we sat till even later, drinking wine and chatting, until we eventually made our way back to Talulah.
We then set off for Canouan, a few miles south of Bequia, where we moored off Charlestown in 2 metres of the clearest water I have yet seen, close to a palm fringed beach, and once again took to the water with goggles and snorkels to watch the fish.   Andrew followed a Ray for some time before it took fright and swam off.     Andrew is leaving us later today, and flying back to UK via Barbados.   We will miss him.   It's been good fun being all together........but there will be other days.....