Day 7 Azores to Dartmouth - losing my lucky green socks........

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Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 22 Jun 2008 12:28
Position "48:02.957N 010:02.996W"

Noon, 22nd June 2008

Sunday! which means that we get to lie in bed....well one of us anyway, and bacon and eggs for breakfast. The bad weather of the last 3 days has left us - and so has most of the wind, and we have a rising barometer and clear skies. It is however, colder. Following breakfast, Anette and I had a little discussion about the coming week's events, and we decided that we were going to turn the boat around and head south again - we're not coming home!

Only kidding folks! But we may stop off at the Scillies for a day, which would make our arrival on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Our mobile phones will be on as from tomorrow (Monday) afternoon, so we'll update then.

157 miles run in the last 24 hours, and only 222 to go to the Lizard. The odometer has just turned 14,000 miles, which has for the greatest part been completed by Anette and I sailing double-handed,apart from having some great friends and relations on board for short breaks, and all mainly in the last 3 years. In true Naval tradition, I think we'll have an "up-Channel night" to celebrate.

Other (insignificant) events.......

Yesterday was a fairly rough day at sea - but we didn't care because, after 3 days of greyness, the sun was shining! However, an event of some (in)significance was about to 'darken' our cruise.......

I wear, on occasion some lime green socks (a gentleman of some sartorial elegance I hear you gasp!), which I consider 'lucky'. Well at some point in the afternoon's sojourn, Anette, having sighted my illustrious footwear, decided that my socks would match her sailing trousers, and that she 'needed' them. You can imagine my horror at parting with such esteemed items, and a 'debate' ensued....

Just at the height of the debate (which coincided with sun-downers), a line squall appeared on the horizon for which we put in the third reef, and which slammed into us with a ferocity 'slightly' more than the 35 knots of wind that we had had on and off all day. One of the 'cheeky chappy' squalls had the audacity to spill Anette's gin n'tonic, causing mayhem in the cockpit (but doing the teak decking good!) - which was fortuitous in timing, as I claimed it's occurrence as a bad omen on the green socks leaving my ownership!

A further debate or transaction ensued, which involved some sort of trade off between freshly baked bread, cake and lime green socks. Alas, I am no longer the owner of a most excellent pair of lime green socks..........But I'm still wearing 'em!

I guess by now you can tell we are becoming a little bored?

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