Talulah's Log - the last day before St Lucia

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Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 17 Dec 2006 20:46
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Sunday 17th December 2006
The last day at sea on this trip, and just 80 miles to go.   It's 1726 hours now, and we should get to Rodney bay at around 4 in the morning, but we may slow down a little so as to arrive at day-break, when we can see the shore and markers more clearly.   The trip will have taken us just over 21 days.
It's been a busy day.   The boat has been cleaned from stem to stern, flags and ensigns re-attached and flown - including the St Lucia courtesy flag, all the detritus of a long sea voyage stowed away and the rubbish that we have accumulated in black plastic sacks, gotten ready for ditching once we are ashore.
The weather has been benign to us today.   The waves are still over 10 feet, and there have been rain showers and squalls, but nothing major that has affected our progress.   Occasionally the wind has often fallen frustratingly below 8 knots, slowing again our passage.   It's amazing that just as you are beginning to get a little closer, just as you can almost sniff land, the breeze falls away!
One of the things I did was to haul in our towed water generator, which had been out behind us with only one break since Gran Canaria.   I was surprised to find how much our speed picked up.  It seems that it might have slowed our boat speed by between a knot and half a knot.   I think more solar panels are in order!
My Son, Andrew, should be waiting for us when we arrive, with spares for the boat, and a few beers!!   My daughter Emma, almost came to see us arrive too, but she is in the early stages of pregnancy and it is best that she stays at home for now.    ......Next time though...with Grandchildren!!
Anyway, Rum Punches beckon.....never had them for breakfast before!?