Back on the boat again!

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Mon 19 Mar 2007 17:28
Well, we're back in Grenada having taken a round-about route via Barbados and Tobago (don't ask why!!).   It's good to be back, and we spent the first two days ashore,antifouling Talulah, getting bitten by mosquitoes and sand flies and generally preparing to put Talulah back in the water.   The heat was oppressive whilst ashore, a very sweaty 32 degrees Celsius up in our little jungle creek where Talulah is stored.   But all went well, and Talulah was put back in the water on 15th May.
Being afloat again was great, we loitered around off the end of the dock at St David's whilst we checked the engines and seacocks and then set off for Hog Island for the night.   The wind blew hard - but the sun was out - and there were no mosquitoes!   We settled into an easy anchorage, went ashore to Roger's beach bar, had a couple of beers then got back into the dinghy for the trip back to Talulah.
The next day we sailed round to Hartman Bay, the idea being to get ashore there, take a taxi ride into town for a shopping trip, and then take a bus trip up to Gouyave, a small town up on the west coast of Grenada, which has an event called "Fish Friday" every week.   This is where a couple of streets in the town are blocked off, and stalls set up selling all manner of seafood, rum punch and beer.   The food was fantastic, with all kinds of fish barbecued, baked, fried, kebab and so on.   Absolutely delicious - and we will have to go again as it was impossible to sample it all in one night.
We're anchored back at Hog Island again right now, waiting for the Sunday Barbeque and Band over at Roger's beach bar again later today (Sunday).   There's 20 knots of wind - enough to take the edge off the 29 degrees of steamy heat, a turquoise sea, bright sun and we're going to dive off the boat in an hour or so, to cool down.
Talulah going back in the water
Roger's beach bar in the distance