Still waiting for good weather.....

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Fri 13 Jun 2008 11:12
It's been 4 days now since the storm began, and we are still huddled against the harbour wall with lots of other boats. Yesterday afternoon we registered winds of 53 knots 'screeching' though the rigging and drenching us with water. But... we are fairly cosy down below inside the boat, watching DVD's of the Gladiator (fourth time round!) and 'American Beauty' (second time round!), and pretending the weather isn't really bad at all!

We were ashore for a while, looking at the whaling history of the Azores, and also looking at some scrimshaw (whale bone or teeth carvings), which was exquisite!. Yesterday we hired a car to travel to the summit of the island, with a view to looking down into a huge extinct volcano crater which as we can gather, is a worthwhile experience here in Faial. But all we saw was mist, and more mist and yet more mist! But we took a photograph of the notice board telling what we should have seen in the extinct volcano!

Meanwhile the storm continues, and we make the best of trying to get off the boat to eat or have a drink at 'Pete's Bar', or take in some of the local culture, and get wet in the process, It's fun, but we will be leaving in the next two or three days to make our way way north - if the weather improves...

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