Talulah's Log - Martinique!

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 24 Dec 2006 18:15
position "14:17.636N 060:57.047W"
Saturday 23rd December 2006
Sailed up from St Lucia to Martinique yesterday, and anchored a couple of hundred metres from the town at Le Marin, on the south of the island.   Le Marin is the centre of the sailing "business" in the Caribbean, and home to many of the charter fleets - so it has great facilities.   Spent the evening in the town, and found one the best 'ribs' restaurants we've ever been to!   The next morning was spent looking around the chandlers shops for bit and pieces for the boat, before having a very long lunch of mussels, chips, beer and everything else French.   Then got back on Talulah, relaxed for a bit before getting ready to sail down overnight to Bequia some 100 miles away.
Anette cooked a great curry onboard and afterwards we sat in the cockpit having a glass of wine as the moon disappeared behind a cloud and the wind got up, pushing us at 11 knots south towards Bequia. It was a bit of a helter-skelter ride, where we had three reefs in both the mainsail and the jib and surfed down some large waves which came in from the Atlantic. It was a little calmer in the lee of St Lucia and St Vincent which we passed to port, but not calm enough to stop a flying fish attack, one of which flew in the cockpit slapping Anette on the thigh and slithering down her leg. Anette thought she had been 'bitten' by a flying fish, which must be a first!