Martinique, Dominica and Iles des Saintes

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Paul & Anette Morris
Fri 13 Apr 2007 22:08
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Wednesday 11th April 2007
We had a great sail up and around Martinique to St Pierre, a small town on the edge of the Caribbean which was devastated in 1902 when the volcano on who's side it rests, erupted, killing 28,000 people.   There was almost no trace of that devastation when we saw it, except for the lush green vegetation that now grows on the mineral rich volcanic ash fields.   We had a bit of a drama too whilst there.   Another yacht came into the anchorage and let its anchor down quite close to us.    We were then hailed by them, an English couple, and it turned out they needed a bit of help as the skipper had just chopped the ends of two of his fingers!    Well I got into the dinghy, and motored over, put him into the dinghy and then went ashore looking for a hospital.   He was soon bandaged up, but in a little bit of shock, and needed to go to Fort de France for a tetanus jab.   Anyway it all ended OK, and he came back to his boat a little later in the evening - a little worse for wear, and a few ounces lighter!
Next day started well with one of the best sails we've had up to Prince Rupert Bay in Dominica, doing 10.1 knots on occasion - where we bumped into our Aussie chums again and of course had a Barbeque!  (what else do you do when with Aussie chums?) Can't remember much of the later events, but I know we had a great time!    I got stung by something in the water when I went for a swim the next morning, but all it left was a nasty weald on my leg and the pain soon went.
Iles des Saintes was the next port of call, and that was stunning.   It was here that the British Navy under Admiral Rodney demolished the French fleet in 1702 and there's still lots of evidence of those days around, with museums and old forts.   The town on Terre d' Haut was very pretty, had lots of nice restaurants and was very French Creole.   We went out, ate fresh Tuna, Christophine, Dasheen and Plaintain, drank beer and talked till late with some friends.   A perfect day - even better this morning when Anette brought back some hot baguettes!!
We sailed up to Guadeloupe today, and are now anchored at Deshais on the north east coast.   We've been ashore for a walk up a river bed, eaten fresh made coconut ice-cream made on the side of the road, had a swim with 2 turtles in the bay, and are now having sundowners.   Tomorrow we'll set sail for Antigua..........maybe.....
Fishermen sorting their nets on Terre d' Haut                        The 'Mairie' (and Police and Douane) on Terre d' Haut
First dolphins since Europe!!                                                Street scene on Terre d' Haut, Iles des Saintes
A ship blown ashore by Hurricane lenny in Dominica                Making fresh coconut ice-cream to sell on Guadeloupe