Day 12 - the barometer drops at last!

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Fri 6 Jun 2008 13:24
Position "38:14.530N 034:59.622W"

Noon, 6th June 2008

Yesterday was just like the previous 2 or 3, with no wind at all, baking hot and few if any clouds in the sky. One minor crisis came at about sun-downer time, when we realised that we'd run out of Scotch Whiskey! Still lots of other stuff though, so it wasn't that bad. Life goes on, on the boat, as we alternate the running of each engine, and alternate bunks from one hull to the other in order to avoid sleeping over a noisy engine. Both of us are feeling quite tired now and it will be good to get to Horta, and to sleep without being interrupted by deck watches every 3 hours. We have only 290 miles to run, and should reach Horta by lunchtime on Sunday 8th June - unless we run out of puff!

We keep seeing lots of jelly-fish. They have small half moon shaped 'sails' that stick out above the water and are beautifully coloured with pink and blue edges to the transparent 'sails'. That's about the only wild life we've seen recently.

This morning the barometer began to drop, and indicated that rain was on the way. In addition, when dawn came, there were more clouds about, the wind picked up to 8 or 10 knots, and the contrary ocean current that we have been experiencing has dissipated. It looks like we are coming out of the high pressure area and as I write this blog we are sailing under canvas alone doing 7 and 8 knots.

Looking at the Surface Pressure Charts that we pick up daily by fax from New Orleans; it seems that we have in fact sliced right through the centre of the high pressure zone, and not skirted around the top as I wanted to. This was because the 'Azores High' pushed further north than predicted. - Good job we had a lot of diesel!

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