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Paul & Anette Morris
Wed 6 Dec 2006 21:15
Position "17:02.236N 34:55.256W"
Wednesday 6th December 2006
A mixed start  to the day.   Sunshine, clouds and showers, and a brisk Force 6 to 7 gusting 8's.    Anette began the day by baking a banana,date and walnut cake, (to use up the last of the bananas before they go rotten - and we're not even half way!), and I began with a conference call via satellite phone to folks in the UK.   Life goes on outside of our own little world it seems.
We appear to getting a bit of 'lift' westwards from the North Equatorial Current.   At least that's what the chart says its called, at any rate we seem to doing about .5 of a knot more over the ground than through the water.
Had a bit of a brush with a very large fishing vessel at 03:30 this morning.   It was the first boat we'd seen for almost 4 days.   But we had to alter course and steer around it.   I pitied the poor fishermen on that boat who were 'banging' right into the waves and weather, with spray leaping well over the bridge and superstructure.   We aboard Talulah felt far more cosy all round!
All was going very well until mid-afternoon, when sailing a little too close to the wind, the jib backed and a 'flogging' jib sheet caught both a corner of one of the solar panels, and the lid on the galley hatch in two foul movements.   Firstly it ripped the corner of the solar panel up, and then went on open the galley hatch and to smash the glass on the hatch lid!!   My first thoughts were "Gosh, accidents do happen"  (*!/?%$!!... *&%£$!?).   It was a great way to spoil a good afternoon.   But we live and learn - lessons learnt this time? lots, but I'm embarrassed to tell you!
I've repaired the solar panel, not much damage here, and it still works.  I've also put in a call for a new hatch lid to meet me in St Lucia, and have made some temporary repairs from knowledge gained in the "University of Heath Robinson".   Anette has even made a neat little blue hatch cover to keep the rain out!!
Sundowners soon............!

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