Between Chrstmas and New Year 2007/2008

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 30 Dec 2007 21:11

Well we arrived in St Lucia, late in the day and went and anchored in Marigot Bay, where some good chums of ours, John and Sue Allison were also anchored.   So after a quick shower and ‘scrub up’ we went over to spend yet another great evening with them, before coming back to our own boat sleeping, then setting off for Martinique early the next day.


The sail up to Martinique was a brisk one, past St Vincent and then on to Fort de France on the west coast of Martinique.   Not sure why, but it always seems to be raining when we come to Martinique!   Anyway, we arrived, changed our stash of East Caribbean Dollars for Euros, then went in search of Flip Flops!   I’d had ‘blow-outs’ on two pairs on this trip and was now looking for a pair of industrial strength flip flops.   We found them – along with just about everything else clothes wise you can imagine in Martinique.   Apparently it’s the only island in the Caribbean that has all the Paris Imports. (So Anette says!).   


Next day we’re off to Portsmouth in Dominica, which is about 60 miles, but we sailed through some of the biggest seas we’ve seen in this cruising season, and Force 7 to 8 gusts, with huge 4 metre waves giving us a good slapping on the starboard beam, and throwing the odd flying fish into the cockpit – as well as a great deal of water.   But the sun is shining so who cares!   We saw whales today ‘blowing’ just 100 metres from the boat!   The boat performs beautifully, tends to sulk if we over-canvas, and then just picks up her skirts and flies when we reef properly.    We achieved 10.8 knots today.


Dominica was a little sad, with no sun, and a bar that played Soca music (Reggae but not), until 4 in the morning!   As you can imagine we left early and sailed in a beautiful early morning brisk breeze the 18 or so miles to Iles des Saintes, where we are now.   We were lucky enough to see dolphins playing in our bow waves and a sea which was a little calmer today.   We arrived, anchored, then went ashore to ‘clear in’ through customs, but really this is France – and Sunday is, well just Sunday……so everything was closed!    So we then went and had a long ‘Senior Lunch’, in a great French restaurant - of the type that involves lots wine and then afternoon snoozes, and here we are, ready for our next sailing/culinary/wine/anchoring/hiking/lying in the sun/whatever…….adventure.


Some photos of the trip – hope you like…..



Approaching Martinique



Christmas Day Dinner with some great friends in the Frangipani Restaurant in Bequia



St Pierre in Martinique where we anchored for a night – lots of rain and mizzle – but 27 degrees celcius!




Down to a second reef on the way to Dominica





Why does the camera not catch the big waves….??!





But the fridge is working well – a little too well as ice forms on the bottles of white wine!