Day 7 - Bermuda to Azores

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 1 Jun 2008 18:43
Position "36:48.760N 047:36.654W"

Noon, Sunday 1st June 2008

We are just 'wafting' along with only 125 miles made good from noon yesterday until noon today (local time). The weather is good, although on occasion overcast, and we had a little rain after dusk last night. The wind is from the South West so we've not had the opportunity to fly the Spinnaker again, but we may do later.

Saturday night came and went just like any other. Anette and I had dinner, a bottle of wine, watched "Austin Powers" on the DVD and almost forgot that we were surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean. Then!.......we discovered that we had reached the half way mark for our trip to the Azores - so we had a celebration!! As I write this blog we've only 900 miles to go to Horta. (We're kind of forgetting that we still have another 1200 odd miles from Horta to the UK the following week!)

To celebrate Sunday morning Anette baked some muffins - and I'm busy eating them before they get cold!! It's lunch time Sunday, and in the absence of having a pub to go to for a lunch-time beer we've decided that we'll have a drink on board and try and find something else to celebrate!

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