Bequia & Mustique

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Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 6 May 2007 14:30
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Friday 4th May 2007
Since last Sunday we have lazily (sometimes not quite so) sailed down from St Lucia.   We were going to stop off in St Vincent at Wallilabou Bay (where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 1), but were hassled by boat boys on the way in, so decided to carry on down to Bequia again and anchor there.     We blasted along, racing two other boats, and of course beat them both!, arriving late on Tuesday.   We saw more dolphins, turtles and flying fish on the way, and 3 large sailing cruise ships.
Spent some time in Admiralty Bay, Bequia, before motoring the short (into wind) distance to Friendship Bay on the south side of Bequia.   We nearly turned around at one point, as we were almost airborne coming around one of the headlands as a combination of the driving wind, overfalls from the land, adverse current and Atlantic swell conspired to make things unpleasant for us.   But we carried on, arriving in Friendship Bay and going ashore for lunch.
The Bay there was not too comfortable so we set off again for Mustique.    A slight mishap on the way meant that we could not put the mainsail up, but it was only a 7 mile trip, so we motored again and fixed the problem with the mainsail halyard block when we arrived.    So here we are today, anchored off the island of Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Princess Margaret and all the rich and famous.  I wonder if we'll see any of them today??   Bit of a problem seeing Princess Margaret probably........
Doris's place, Bequia                                                        Surfing in comfort......
Steven.........(Segal ?)                                                    Was this really Mick Jagger?
David Bowie and his buddy fishing.....                                Some of the natives at Mustique
Church at Mustique                                                        One of the beaches at Mustique

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