Martinique & St Lucia

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Paul & Anette Morris
Sun 29 Apr 2007 13:48
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Saturday 28th April 2007
Well we didn't really trade our bikes for a case of beer - but we felt like it as the hills in Les Saintes were sooo steep!    Anyway we left Dominica and sailed down to Sainte Pierre in Martinique - where it rained!  We then left to sail to Fort de France in Martinique - which we couldn't see for the torrential tropical rain! The one good thing about Martinique was the salt got washed off the boat. So we anchored off Pointe de Bout, went ashore to a typically "European" seaside town (burgers, souvenir shops, bars etc), did our laundry, ate at le Ponton restaurant (the highlight as the food was great), and left this morning to sail down to St Lucia.  
The sail across the 32 odd miles to St Lucia was terrific!   We blasted along and made the trip in four hours.  The seas were quite high, and we got a good lot of water in the cockpit, and the windward hull was airborne (well at least the front half).   We saw whales again, and dolphins and fishermen in tiny boats miles from anywhere just bobbing up and down on the 3 to 4 metre swell!  Crazy!    But it's nice to be back in the real Caribbean again after the "European-ness"of Martinique.
We arrived in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, took a lot of video - which we forgot to take when we arrived here after the ARC, went ashore bought cheap booze, and then Anette got the sewing machine out to mend our Ensign, which has taken a real pasting in the last few months, and was frayed.     And can't have a frayed Ensign can we........!!!??    Might go ashore tonight to watch the cricket on TV.
Tropical Martinique!                                                    The Marina at Rodney Bay
Anette mending the Ensign                                                            A typical view over the transom