Day 6 - So much for weather reports!

Talulah's Web Diary
Paul & Anette Morris
Sat 21 Jun 2008 12:11
Position "46:51.819N 013:31.302W"

Noon, 21st June 2008

Yesterday and all last night were spent pondering over the weather forecasts which did not give us a picture of the weather we were actually experiencing - which was not good to say the least. We were bouncing around on a very lumpy sea, with winds of 34 knots, and rain and showers which drenched the boat. Visibility was down to 200 metres at times, and spray and spume from the crests of waves came hissing into the cockpit. But....we were well reefed and were fairly snug inside the boat, and just lay around reading books and glancing at the instruments, and out of the saloon windows now and then. But sleep for both of us was impossible last night, because of the noise and motion. Concerning the weather forecasts; I think I'll rely more on the wet piece of sea-weed I have tucked in my sea-bag in future!

Dolphins continue to stay with us - although the flying fish and Portuguese men o'war jellyfish must have decided that they prefer warmer waters. There are a couple of sea birds which seem to have stayed with us for the last 400 miles though. Not sure what type they are, but must look them up in a bird book when we get back to the UK.

163 miles run in the last 24 hours and just 380 left to run to the Lizard. The wind has veered slightly and we had to put more 'east' into our course this morning, so that we are not on the rhumb line to the Lizard. That may change today hopefully. And if the weather closes in again, (As I write, I can see we're being chased by a cold front!), we may head for Brest or the Scilly Iles to have a short rest and wait for a break in the weather before carrying on up Channel through the busy shipping lanes. Anyway, we'll see.

Anette has baked more bread! Some thoughtless glutton ate all the other stuff she made.................

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